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Premier tools to help you grow your virtual staffing business faster and more efficiently than ever before. Generate quality leads and sign up more CSPs.

Welcome to VSManager

VSmanager has been developed by an IBO for IBOs. A complete tool-set to organize and manage your business contacts, professionally follow up and signup more CSPs. VSmanager is more than just a contact management system, but rather a comprehensive prospect management and follow up system, designed to make you more money in your virtual staffing business!

Powerful Prospect Tools

VSmanager comes loaded with a comprehensive contact management system, and full featured set of tools to simplify your day-to-day business building activities.

  • Contact Management
  • Advanced Search
  • Email Inbox
  • Integrated Google Maps & Weather
  • Activity Feed shows Opens, Clicks, and More!

With just a quick glance at the prospect detail screen, you can see all of your notes, along with all of your prospecting activities. Did they open the email and click the link? Did they click through to the signup form? Imagine how much more effective your follow up will be with all of this additional information at your fingertips!

Effective Email Marketing

Although you will definitely find some CSPs that jump right in and get involved after their first exposure to your company, but statistically this is not the case. The majority of signups actually take place after the fifth contact or exposure. Are you effectively following up with your prospects? With VSmanager, follow up is easy!

  • Email Auto-Responder Campaigns
  • Schedule Follow-up Emails up to 1 Year in Advance
  • Professionally Designed Templates
  • Full HTML Editing and Customization
  • Customized Video Emails
  • Email Broadcasting Service

Follow up like a PRO with our professionally developed email auto-responder and follow up system. Choose from pre-written proven campaigns, create your own custom message or campaign. Be creative, you can even upload and create your own Video Email.

Manage & Generate Leads

VSmanager provides you a full suite of tools to generate your own leads. Beyond just Landing Pages, VSmanger gives you many options to generate leads:

  • Professionally Designed Landing Pages
  • Custom Domains and Advanced Domain Management
  • Form Code Generator to Generate Leads on a Custom Website
  • Prospect Transfer Functionality to Instantly Move Prospects Between Accounts

Besides providing the technology, we also provide the marketing creative and training to show you how to get traffic to your websites. Professionally designed banners and graphics are available, along with high quality printed and personalized marketing materials. Training modules & videos are available in your back office, along with our Free Weekly Training Webinar for you to get hands-on expert advice.

Don't Just Take Our Word...

I love this system! It is very user friendly, but most of all the hours it saves me in administrative tasks! All my lead sources from Face Book-Twitter-Craigslist are pointed to my lead capture page with this system and are now centralized and very easy to keep organized! There is so much about this system I love that I can't possibly list all the reasons! Cynthia K.

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